Choosing The Best Air Conditioner

cooling technicianRegardless of where you live in the U.S., the fact remains that summers are barely tolerable without the benefit of air conditioning. The same thing goes for the challenge of not having functional heating equipment in the winter. When the time has come that you no other choice but to replace your old AC unit at home or in your place of business, you have the benefit of choosing from a wide array of options, including make and model, type, size, and features. You will need to choose between a split ductless system or a traditional ducted HVAC system.

The choice you make will be contingent on a variety of factors, including the objective of using an air conditioning system. Yes, you want your space to be cool and comfortable in the summer, but you also need to figure out if you are cooling down a single or a couple of rooms. You probably intend to buy something that’s capable of cooling the entire living space. Whatever your purpose is, there is an ideal air conditioning system for that.

ductless air conditioner

Why You Should Consider Multi-Split Ductless Cooling

The multi-split system, on the other hand, is best used for heating and cooling about 4 to 5 rooms and those houses with limited space for ducted AC. Like the first type we discussed, this one is ideal for controlling room temperatures individually. You want this option if you live in a house where someone feels comfortable with cold rooms while another one can live without AC. What it does is allow you to use multiple AC units with one outdoor compressor. The result is that you have an independent temperature control of every room. The known benefits of a multi-split system are the fact that it is convenient to use, allows maximum comfort to one room while not affecting the other rooms, and has a minimum running costs because you can cool or heat a room based on your specific needs.


Forced Air Ducted AC Solutions

If you have the space and/or existing ductwork, then your best bet would be a ducted system. The ducted air conditioning system is best if you want heating and cooling for your entire home without any compromise. It also is a practical option if you do not wish to see components of the AC in your space and instead you want them to be discreet. Also, it is crucial to mention that if you are looking for ultimate comfort, the ducted system could exactly be what you are looking for.

A ducted air conditioning system is made up of discreetly positioned outdoor components and an indoor unit that’s stored under the floor or ceiling. It works with the help of ducts, which in turn are responsible for distributing the conditioned air through the vents located in the different rooms in the house. When you choose a ducted system, you should be aware of its essential benefits, although not all homes are conducive to it because of the lack of ducting and space. Anyway, the first benefit of a ducted system is that it can be customized to address your specific needs. Another advantage is that you do not see any semblance of an air conditioning unit because only the grilles and controller are visible in your living space. It also happens to be the quietest of the many different AC systems. Depending on the size and type, you too could choose an energy-efficient ducted system.



The choice you make when it is time for a new air conditioning system depends on factors like the type, desired level of comfort, price, and efficiency. However, there is no exact science in it. You will eventually have to trust your gut. The best way to find the best cooling options for your home is by consulting with a reputable HVAC company that employs licensed and experienced HVAC contractors.

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